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Jane says . . . the pool is open for swimming, etc

These are fun things to buy that have been on my radar all summer – go ahead, jump in and thank me latah!


Float with this - see above - keep your pool jolly with these french floats - great colors/loads of fun - - BTW - Smallable (if you are not in the know) is an AWESOME family concept store - like GOOP but easier on the wallet and packed with kid/teen gear.


Put this on your face/body - La Roche Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid Sunscreen 50+ - you don't need me to tell you the sun is super strong these days, but I will tell you to try this fab protection (no white face).  Google it.


Bye bye Algae - my friend at Leslie's Pool says this year sucks for algae blooms.  This is what you do: 


Once a week - at night - use this combo and all will be clear ( 2 packages of shock per 20,000 gallons) - Please read guidelines/instructions


Read this poolside for cooking inspo: 

  COOK THIS BOOK BY MOLLY BAZ - she is young and fun and knows her way around a kitchen


Drink this poolside when the kids are away (or not) -





Listen to this while floating:  Pressure Drop Playlist on Spotify


Snack on this: 

Last, but not least, dream about future travels by perusing this:













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