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Shop Trenton Video Contest Winner Announced

We have a winner of the Shop Trenton video contest! 


As part of Trenton City Hall's Shop Trenton Campaign, 11 members of the Trenton community took to the streets to talk about the Trenton businesses that they love. 26 community favorite businesses were featured in eleven videos.


The videos collectively received over 12,000 views, which is phenomenal exposure for the 26 featured Trenton businesses. 


The video "Come On, Let's Hang Out in Trenton" received the most votes and the top prize.  If you haven't seen it, check it out at


The final tally was as follows


#1.  Come On, Let's Hang Out in Trenton.  391 likes

#2.  My Feel Good Block.  293 likes

#3.  Three of the Best Trenton Businesses PERIOD!  132 likes

#4.  My 4 Favorite Trenton Businesses.  66 likes.

#5.  Lunch and a Haircut.  20 likes

#6.  Trenton Is My Business.  12 likes

#7.  Best Trenton Nightlife Guide 2018.  11 likes

#8.  Trenton Making.  8 likes.

#9.  Building Communities.  7 likes


In addition, "Tour Trenton's Best Businesses in 360 Degree Video" received 309 likes and, if their video hadn't been slightly larger than the allowable length, they would have come in second place.  They had an out-of-the-box promotional plan that involved setting up 360 video booths at the shore and promoting Trenton businesses to shore goers.


"Trenton Library Video Goes Viral!"  was submitted by a City employee (he works at the library) and therefore isn't eligible for a prize, but he still felt it was important to participate and support Trenton businesses.  This video received 11 likes.


If you want to view all the videos, check them out at


This video contest is part of the City Hall's Division of Economic Development's Shop Trenton campaign.


For more information, contact Eric Maywar at the City of Trenton,


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